Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Agent Announces: "That Favre Will Play If Healthy"

Brett Favre's Agent, Bus Cook, Announces that "Brett Favre Will Play If Healthy."
This is great news for Vikings fans. Now the only piece that has to fall into place for the Vikings to Go to Dallas this year is for Favre's doctor, Doctor Andrews, to clear him for play this year. Dr. Andrews better clear Brett to play this year because if not he'll fell receive the hate of the Purple Pride community. For real, Brett Favre has undergone three ankle surgeries, I'm sure it's just sore and stiff, not a serious problem. The main priority for our offensive line this year is to Stop Julius Peppers [Bryant Mckinnie] from abusing Favre. Peppers, recently traded to the Chicago Bears, is a beast when it comes to sacking quarterbacks. We face the Bears two times this year and our offensive line, especially Bryant Mckinnie better come prepared to play some smash-mouth Football those days:Here's The 2010-2011 Schedule with My Predicted Wins And Losses. Wins are purple, Bright Red  is losses [only 2], and Blue is vs The Chicago Bears:

Minnesota Vikings Schedule
9/09 Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints -Biggest game of the year, we should show them how lucky they were during that NFC Championship Game Last Year!
9/19 Miami Dolphins @ Minnesota Vikings- Automatic Win, no threats on Offense!
9/26 Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings- Automatic Win, Enough Said
Vikings Bye Week-Rest Up Boys!!
10/11 Minnesota Vikings @ New York Jets-Tough Game, But In The End Favre Delivers A Game-Winning Pass To Rice In The End-zone
10/17 Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings- Playoff Match-Up Of Last Year, Vikings Roll Because Of Superior Defense And Pressuring Romo In The Pocket
10/24 Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers-We'll Give The Packers One Only Because They Have Home-Field Advantage!
10/31 Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots- Get To Brady Early On Defense, Force A Turnover And Build Momentum From There, Too Much Adrian Peterson And Favre!!
11/7 Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings- Superior Offensive And Defensive Lines We Win The Battle In The Trenches And Take The Cake!!
11/14 Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears- Brett Favre Explodes For 300 Yards And Jared Allen Gets His, Vikings Win!!
11/21 Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings- Our Defense Holds In The Second Half And We Beat The Cheese heads At Home!
11/28 Minnesota Vikings@ Washington Redskins-Donovan McNabb With No Other Weapons, Haynesworth Still Trying To Pass The Test...
12/05 Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings- No Weapons On Offense-Clear Favorites-We Steam Roll Them!!
12/12 New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings- Too Much Eli Manning For Our Secondary To Handle, Vikings Drop One.
12/20 Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings- Peppers Is Neutralized By Mckinnie And The Vikes Outscore Them For Another Victory!
12.26 Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles- Brett Favre Is Too Good To Be Stopped And Adrian Peterson Has A Good Day!
1/2/2011 Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions- When's The Last Time We Lost To The Lions? 2007?

So, Our Main Focus for this year is to protect Favre and Keep The Turnovers To A Minimum, [that means AP has to hold onto the ball ] and our road to the playoffs and eventually the Superbowl doesn't look to hard.  Now that we know that Brett is coming back if Dr, Andrews Clears Him For This Season all we can do is wait and pray for #4 to Lead us to the holy land. Last year, we had bad turnover problems in the playoffs, that was the only thing that prevented us from taking home the Lombardi Trophy. So , If we just tweak Adrian Peterson's carrying Style and Get Harvin To learn how to run out of the backfield, all the while keeping Brett Healthy The Superbowl is Ours.

Minnesota Vikings Superbowl  XLV Champions!!!


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